An Arabian theme fit for a Princess.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Three things make a party memorable – the décor, the food and the music. When The Art of Finesse plan a party we pull all the stops to make sure it’s a memorable event for the hosts and attendees. We had the pleasure of planning a colorful Arabian themed birthday party fit for a little princess who just turned one. We were inspired by the vibrant silks, spices and architecture Arabians are known for.Three things make a party memorable – the décor, the food and the music. 

We chose a palate of five colors – Orange, Turquoise, Fuchsia, gold and purple, that we used to create a coherent yet whimsical custom back drop.The gold lanterns on the dessert table added a boho-luxe-chic look that one would expect if they stepped into a Bedouin tent.

We even incorporated our chosen colors in the gift boxes without it being overwhelming to the eyes. (Gift table)

We managed to create a very elegant theme that was fun and also age appropriate, by adding little details, like the golden elephants in the candy bowl.

…details on the centerpiece

The cake was another hit with the vibrant colors.

No detail was spared - we wanted the little princess to have the most magical day.

Special thanks to all the great vendors we worked with to pull this event together: 

- Little Elm Recreation Center for the great venue
- @YummyTecture for the  yummy desserts, 
- Hautemama for the lovely cake
- Swish printables for the fun Prints 
- @Bomaone photography all the Amazing pictures
- @TheArtofFinesse Team for the Custom Made Backdrop
- Create Ur Plate for the personalized graphic plate
- Glitter Girlz Events for the tassel Garland

Additional credits
Linen by cv linens @cvlinens

Lanterns by Z gallerie @zgallerie


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